Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Craft to the rescue

Tonight is one of those nights.  I'm feeling a bit sad because after an epic struggle with my little man who is over tired and wouldn't have his teeth cleaned, he has switched allegiance and asked his dad to read him a bedtime story.  And after I'd rescued him from a stray scorpion in the bathroom too.  Sometimes being a mum is pants ...

That's all I've got to say really.  I'm off to soothe what is left of my sanity with some crochet.  Never fails.

Added later in the evening: below is my crochet square - how could that not cheer you up?  Oh and my little man got out of bed to give me a hug, so now I'm feeling a lot happier :)


Lisa said...

I'm glad he hugged you. hehe Those times happen. But yay for crochet!

Sally said...

Crochet really is brilliant after one of 'those' days... loving your square muchly. The orange & green are so cheerful and so dramatically framed by the black. Really really lovely.