Thursday, June 3, 2010

Messing around - creatively of course

Here's my little chad, who's very excited because in a week's time I am getting some new spondooly PURPLE framed spectacles (and a pair of sunnies with some gold bling!).  My prescription has barely changed, which is good, so I decided to get some newer model specs as my present ones have lasted 6 years, have been sat on several times, an arm snapped off by a baby, left in silly places, etc, etc. and are nearing retirement.

Do you ever start something then wish you hadn't?  I had the terrific idea of stamping my "wot ..." message for my chad, but hadn't realized that the rubber stamp bits hadn't been stuck onto the wooden handles (must be why they were so cheap!)  Well, I thought, this will only take a minute ...  after getting mixed up with the backwards b, d, p and q, I nearly lost it and reverted back to using my pen, but having a stubborn gene I did persevere and the little wooden sticks and rubber bits didn't end up in the bin.  You can see what fun my daughter and I had testing out my new stamps on a page from my little purple notebook, which travels with me everywhere.  It's full of inspiration for my next artworks, quotes I've heard, ideas for stories, phone numbers, doodles, you name it.  I think it's worth carrying something like this around with you, even if it's simply to put mum's addresses from school in. 

I'm always going on about portable creativity; you can be creative anywhere.  I've got over my anxiety about being seen as a granny and now take my knitting with me in my bag.  Came in very useful today at the swimming pool.  Didn't matter either if it got splashed as I'm going to felt the knitting when it's done - so no excuses to not be creative when you're on the move!  By the way I was watching someone swim, rather than swimming whilst knitting :)

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