Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Little creative bursts

We are very proud of our wee hibiscus plant - we had to move it from a shady corner where it was forgotten about and never watered. Really we thought it was done for and would never recover, but nature is remarkable and stronger than we give credit for - et voila here is our hibiscus thriving and looking gorgeous.

Today has been fairly creative - starting with some yummy apple cinnamon muffins which I can't show here because we, erm... ate them ... all. Very tasty though - I love that sort of creativity! There's the photography of course, that's very creative. I've just come in from our courtyard, where I sat knitting a few rows of a cardigan for my niece, pleasant in the cool evening air - accompanied by the sounds of a kangaroo stomping about in the bush and an owl hooting away in a distant tree. Some of the delights of living near the forest. I love it!!

It was great to take advantage of the cooler evening air. Lately I've found it really uncomfortable to do any knitting or quilting - my quilt has got to the size where it feels heavy and hot and I'm not motivated to do anymore! I'll enjoy the knitting I can do until the weekend when it's going to be hot, hot, hot - my favourite (not!)

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