Monday, January 11, 2010

Falling asleep ...

Here's a tired little doodle - I've just finished the rest of my data entry and feel so sleepy, but have learned from last night that entering figures into a computer for a long time then trying to go straight to sleep just doesn't work! My mind was working overtime and I had an argument with myself to stop thinking and go to sleep! So I've wound down by doing a 5 minute doodle, completely off the top off my head, no thinking about what I'll put - although I had planned to draw spirals, they are so relaxing!

That's my wee creative piece for today, I'm too dozey to write anything inspiring and exciting! Until next time .... ;)


Sally said...

Great idea as a way to wind down... I'm going to give this a go next time I can't get my brain to switch off. Thanks.

Lara said...

Spirals are great and mandalas are very soothing - give them a go! Be great to see them on your blog ... L :)