Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fireworks - the ultimate in bling!

Sunset over Perth City, silhouette of trees in foreground - love the drama

Fireworks on the tall city buildings can just about be seen to the right of the picture.

The finale - more drama to light up the skies

Finale in more detail

Managed to get a few photos of the fireworks display in the city last night, from our vantage point in the hills. I love the drama of sunset skies! And the bling and glitter of fireworks, scrummy!

My wrist is feeling a lot better. Many thanks to the lovelies who gave me advice on how to deal with the problem. I was advised to do pre-crochet stretching exercises (on my wrist that is, crochet is not quite an extreme sport yet) and to gently squeeze a foam ball. So, I found out my small foam star with a smiley face on it and did some hand squeezing of that and gently stretched my wrist before crochet and I really think it worked. I'm also going to invest in a good wrist support - I did find a good website which sells wrist supports but I won't give you the link until I've tried the product myself in case it's pants and doesn't help at all! I only want to recommend things that work.

As well as the above I've been taking lots of fish oil capsules, as they are apparently very good for, well everything really, including joint pain and improving how the brain works (definitely needed). If nothing else, I do seem to be swimming a lot better lately ...

Manual countdown says: 10 days until my 40th birthday!

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