Friday, January 8, 2010


This week I've been busy de-cluttering the house. I don't mean one of my periodic tidy ups, I mean real de-cluttering. My son and I had a catchphrase for this weekend of purging - "be ruthless". This morning I walked into the kitchen and was nearly blinded by the white sparkly worktops and calmed by the bare walls which were previously adorned with my crystal mobile and hanging things, which had no purpose apart from looking pretty (and collecting dust evidently). The whole effect was magnified as we've just replaced the skylight with transparent wavy roofing stuff - we now have to wear sunglasses in the kitchen to see each other. Everything was as shiny and sparkly as a new pin - dazzling!

And it doesn't stop at the environment being uncluttered - my head is also in a clearer space. I had a morning of musing and have come up with some new ideas for my blog which I should be able to showcase over the next week. I did in fact feel as if I've finally seen the light. It all feels rather grand - think I need to have a lie down to get over it all ... :)

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