Friday, January 15, 2010

A Granny a day!!

Eek - I've just signed up to the granny a day challenge for 2010. Not a competition to see how many grannies you can spot in Coles or anything like that - rather a gorgeous reason to crochet squares for no reason at all if you want, or to make a big, big blankie if you so desire. Click the link here if you too want to use up your stash of yarns and end up with a fantastic something at the end of the year. The bit I liked was that if you do miss a day (or two or three) it doesn't matter, which is good because I do tend to get easily distracted by other artsy goodies and can sometimes wander away from the path. Makes life more interesting, but also means a lot of UFO's in the house and a husband wondering where on earth we are going to store everything. Oh dear ... :)

Goody, goody, I'm going to search out all my lovely wool and hooks. After complaining about not being able to knit because it's too hot I've got a little project which won't weigh a ton in my lap and can be carried outside into the cool evening air. Yay!!

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Sally said...

Ooo... I had seen that you'd signed up already. How exciting! Can't wait to see some of your squares :)