Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Anna Dress - an obsession

I love indie patterns - and I've recently discovered By Hand London and in turn the Anna dress, which is so simple yet truly flattering, it would seem, for just about any body shape.

So, I bought a pattern from Sew Squirrel (stockists in Australia) and have joined the sew-a-long that BHL are currently hosting via their blog.  I have spent a good part of today doing an FBA (full bust alteration) on the pattern, as there's quite a lot to fit into that beautiful kimono style bodice!  In my next Anna post I'll share details of what I did myself plus a couple of links to other FBA tutorials that I found helpful - I read in detail then ignored them and did my own thing basically!  Ha, ha - but the tutes certainly did help in all honesty.  They also made me realize how different we all are in build, and that no one way is the right way. 

If you look closely you can see marks I've made and pleats I've moved slightly ... now's the time to do that!
Consequently here comes lesson number one - it REALLY is ultra important to play around and experiment with your pattern alterations.  It will take more that one fitting, I can guarantee it, but the resulting perfect fit you will get from this is well, just perfect, and deliciously comfortable, because it will be made just for you.  So don't skimp on time in this area when making your toile (i.e. practise mock up of the pattern) - I'm planning to make 2 or 3 of these dresses, so time spent here will definitely be worth the effort.  Plus I'm finding that I actually enjoy making these patterns fit and using a (very small) smattering of maths to accomplish it before re-drawing on pattern paper - strange I know, don't tell everyone).

Lesson number two - do not cut into your original pattern!  Make one, if not two copies on tracing paper and cut those up instead.  I made the mistake on a different dress and found myself having to stick the original back together like a jigsaw, I was just thankful I'd saved all the pieces I'd cut out!  Not a relaxing way to sew that's for sure.

Here's one of the fabrics I want to use - thrilled to say it was found in an op shop, the correct length for the amazing price of $2 - result!!!

I promise to give continued updates on this lovely make - it's rude not to share such a delightful pattern.  In the meantime, follow the links above and see what all the fuss is about :)

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