Thursday, October 3, 2013

I want to make this .... I want to make that ...

The Darling Ranges dress that goes on and on ...

Grrrr ... sometimes I get soooo distracted by things.  Duncan often tells me if I was a Transformer, my name would be 'Distractor-tron'.  Ok - that's going off on another tangent now!

Why am I distracted?  Well, I'm trying to get on and make my Anna dress as blogged about the other day.  But when I was trying on the dress toile, and looking at the fabric I'm using which is quite sheer, I began wondering what on earth I could wear underneath it, and hit upon the idea of making a bra top. 

Which in turn led me to search for something I'd downloaded and printed from the net about drafting and making my own bra. 

Whilst rummaging for old patterns, I found a Darling Ranges dress I've been going back to on several occasions, in an attempt to make adjustments to make the darn thing fit (the problem is not with the pattern, rather what I have been doing with it).  So now I want to make the dress fit properly, and I did read on a blog the other day that to succeed in sewing one should always finish projects before moving onto another ... distractions, distractions ...

Pretty vintage fabric purchased online
But ... today I did trace out the remaining pattern pieces of the Anna dress and hope to start cutting out fabric tomorrow ...

In an attempt to keep focussed (ha ha!) I'm making a little list for myself:

1.   Cut out fabric and construct my Anna dress
2.   Unpick the Darling Ranges dress and reconstruct bodice (for the third time!)
3.   Take accurate measurements and draft a bra pattern - might leave the bra-making for another time, I'm just interested in making the pattern!
4.   Make another Anna dress
5.   Make another Darling Ranges dress with fabric that drapes more than the cotton I used the first time around :)

That should keep me going for a bit! 


Sally said...

Yes... staying focussed can be hard work at times.

Larissa said...

I'm still getting so distracted! Now I'm researching a site called 'booby traps' - they sell bra patterns and bra making kits. Too cool!