Saturday, September 21, 2013

Best day ever ...

Looking even more spectacular lit in the evening ... for the second time :)
Yesterday was a special day for the Little Man of the house.  We didn't have a party this year, but a very special friend shared the day - plenty of Lego action as you can see from the photos - we couldn't actually cross the lounge floor at one point!  The lovely thing was that Big B sat down with the boys and helped build the 'six legged walker', what a dude!

It was pointed out by Little Man's dad that the cake had a few creases in the top that looked like a man jumping so I followed the lines to make a stick man from butter icing.  Then the kids had a decorating session this morning at our post-birthday brekkie and candle-lighting session - it's rather creative don't you think?

Chocolate cake featured heavily this year - after a wonderful meal cooked by Big B as requested by Little Man - we had gooey choccie pudding and the cake was made from the world's greatest chocolate cake, both recipes from my Birthday Buddy.  And totally yummy.  Cholesterol city ahoy!  Never mind I'll run it all off in the mud run tomorrow ....

I've promised a big party for next year, but to be honest I think this year's celebrations comes close to being perfect!

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Chris said...

You can never have too much chocolate on your birthday! Sounds perfect to me too. x