Monday, September 23, 2013

I Ran Amuck!!

I had to leave the blog writing until today, I was so exhausted yesterday - but ecstatic - that I completed the Run Amuck 5km mud and obstacle course.  And I survived the pipes and mudbath!!  My only injury was when I tripped as I jumped off the trampoline and hit my shins - ouch! 

My highlights would be the huge bouncy castle, coming out of the dreaded pipes, the scary rope ladder A-frame, making it through the super squashy mudbath with my shoes still on my feet and watching Superman negotiate a mud slope whilst his friends Iron Man and Spiderman tried to haul him up the slope whilst sliding all over the place themselves!

L-R: Shirley, Me, Sonya, Tash - my lovely team, thanks for a great day!
It was a super day, for those of you who may be tempted to do the mud run in 2014 here's the link to follow and I'll see you there!

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