Sunday, January 29, 2012

Starting on my CAL (Crochet-along!)

Here are my first few rounds of the Sarah London crochet-along I mentioned in my last post.  It did take a few attempts, think I started too close to bedtime!  The great thing about crochet is that you only have to undo one stitch rather than a whole row, and you can see what you've done wrong very quickly because it just doesn't look right!  I've decided to use really bright colours to brighten up our lounge room in the winter, because despite the 42 degree day we had yesterday, it really does get fairly cold in the winter here.  Honest.

And it looks as good from the back ...
And I called the blanket a 'yarn-eater' when I think the pattern is actually called the 'wool-eater blanket', though I suppose I'm correct using yarn as I'm using my huge stash of acrylic yarn - and I'm going to try really hard not to buy any new stuff until it's absolutely necessary - when the yarn has all been eaten!


Chris said...

Eeeeek, you've started!!!! Although as you are technically in the future, does that mean I can catch up!!!! Spooky about the colours, I had just decided to do really bright too. Can't wait to start this project, although a bit more scared than I was because you said you had gone a bit wrong, and I haven't even tried the pattern. Love you x

Sally said...

How I love those colours together!

Thanks too... the pattern arrived in the post. Can't wait to get hooking :)

Anonymous said...

Love the colours you are using can you tell me what yarn you are using.