Saturday, January 28, 2012

Back from hols ... Madora Bay Magic

Hello, did you miss me?  I certainly missed blogging about my endeavours, but totally enjoyed the relaxing time by the sea in Madora Bay.  Doesn't it look magical?

I also enjoyed not having access to any internet and being technology free for a while.  Just sewing hexies for a swap I've joined, reading books and being with the kids, blissful.  Though on my return I did have to do some catching up and found a crochet-along happening with Sarah London; if you go here you'll find the pattern for her yarn-eater blanket which looks amazing.  I'll be doing my crochet-along with a dear and special friend in the UK - it's heart-warming to know that everytime I pick up the crochet hook for a round I'll be thinking of her.  :)  And we'll keep each other accountable too, bet she'll do much more than me, she's become somewhat of a crochet whirlwind! 

Only a few more days of the holidays, then it's back to 'normal' - whatever that is!

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Chris said...

So excited about starting this with you x