Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Memories - making a 'Book of Days'

Provoking memories - hydrangeas remind me of my mum - they're her favourite flower.  Somehow she doesn't feel so far away ...
Wow - funny how you put something out there and connections start turning up like magic :)  I'd spoken yesterday about my intentions to work on exploring and expressing my 'roots'.  Well, today through one of my Facebook groups I found out about a year long project that encourages you to make an art journal of memories - Effy Wild sends out regular emails and short videos to get your creativity going (a passion close to my heart as you know).  It looks wonderful, I'm really excited about it even though I don't fully understand what I'm supposed to do yet - though some of the words being bandied about including journalling and altered books are getting the imagination up and running!  If you're even getting the slightest feeling of curiosity, go look at Effy's website here to register - you can only get the newsletters with info if you do this.  And don't panic about having to catch up or keep up - Effy's advice is to embrace 'your inner turtle'.  Don't you just love it already?  :)

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Chris said...

Hydrangeas are my favourite too, big and blousy, love them! 'Embrace your inner turtle' - love that too!