Wednesday, January 11, 2012

For the love of tomato sauce ...

Daytime - I prepare 2kg of lovely, juicy homegrown tomatoes
 Oh ... My ... Goodness ... Now I remember why I haven't made this ketchup for such a long time - because it takes over half a day to make!!!  This is a very well rounded bottle of sauce containing tomatoes from our garden, a friend's garden and huge beef tomatoes from Aunty Noelle.  I use the recipe from Jamie Oliver's 'At Home' book.  Only difference is that I add more sugar to taste at the end and I made a double batch so we ended up with a whole litre (learned that lesson from last time!)

Evening - the finished product!
Then tonight, we had yummy woodfired pizza from our local pizzeria, and the beloved Heinz was overlooked in favour of homemade by the whole family :)   It may take an eternity to make, but it does taste soooooo good ....

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