Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Creative Space: Poncho for a birthday girl

Well, I've been really busy creating for the past few days I'm pleased to say, but I can't share much of it here at the moment because it's either for a mystery activity or for someone who may read this blog before their big day!  However, I can share the little poncho I've hooked for my niece as she's not reading this blog yet (but I'm sure she will when she's old enough :))

I'm particularly proud of the two tone lilac and pink tassles!
It's knitted in acrylic 8 ply for ease of washing for her mum; I used a pattern from Spotlight (the 'Charmed Knits' mini booklet).  I used really pretty girly colours as she does love pink.  Best news is that it is incredibly quick to make up, you'll be able to make one in a weekend.  Winner!

and another pic, just because it's so pretty ... :)


Chris said...

Oooooh, I want to make one of those for me!

Sally said...

Oh I love it so much!!! FABULOUS!!! and delightfully girly :)