Saturday, January 8, 2011

Thanks mum!

This is an image from some 'fast' paintings I did a year or so ago. Shows what you can do with a big brush and a couple of colours in a few minutes.

This post, however, is totally unrelated to the image!  It's an ode to my mum really!

I was woken up (too) early this morning by a panicked daughter looking for her work clothes.  Whilst I was dutifully searching for, finding and ironing said clothes I was also mindful of the other tasks I'd already completed prior - getting breakfast for a grumpy Little Man; looking after a poorly husband; finding something for somebody that only I could find ...  Only 'mum'/'wife' could complete these tasks it would seem, and I realized my mum had been doing these duties in her role as Domestic Manager for many, many years without complaint and I'd only in that moment understood what a fabulous job she had done.  (I on the other hand do actually complain quite a lot!  It's a fault of mine I must admit, but I'm too valuable for finding stuff and ironing so everyone lets it go over their heads :) ...)

Thanks mum, I appreciate everything you've done for me, more than you'll ever know xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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