Sunday, January 9, 2011

I cannot be creative and organized in the same space!

So tired.  Spent hours doing the bookkeeping data entry.  The (very) small organizational part of my brain enjoyed putting papers into order.  The larger creative part got bored very quickly ... and is now suffering from atrophy!  Can feel a trip to a craft shop coming on to compensate ...

Oh no, hang on, found time to make an ancient grains loaf in my newly fixed breadmaker (yay!)  I'm going to have a slice right now with a cup of tea.  See, all that office stuff made my brain melt and forget about my bread.

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Michelle said...

I love homemade bread. And tea.

Sometimes, organizing makes me feel all crafty and inspired. Other times...not so much. I'm sorry this was one of those times for you. Bright side, now you have a more organized space, and you won't have to do the paperwork later!