Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My blogging muse has left the building ...

I wonder what it is that drives page viewings on a blog?  This month's viewings only look to be half as good as last month's.  Strange, hey.  Wonder if there is some kind of science to this blogging lark and I just don't get it?

Just interested that's all, not whinge-ing.

Lots of people have been writing about New Year resolutions, or lack of them.  After writing my lists yesterday of goals and dreams for 2011, I've decided to leave sharing 'intentions' for this year until after the kiddies go back to school and I can concentrate and sort through my thoughts so that I know what my intentions actually are!  One of them will be renovating this blog, think it's time for a new look.

Ho hum, that's all for now folks, inspiration has left me.


Sarah@PingsAndNeedles said...

Hey Larissa - don't despair! I'm still here LOL!

Maybe it's a bit like too much turkey at Christmas and people just don't have the time to bloghop as much straight off in the New Year ... Also there are lots of swaps starting on flickr so people are probably a tad distracted ...

Hope the muse returns soon (btw I love the diagonal weaving. F A B)

Liz said...

I wonder if the stats are from people using blog readers? I use google reader to get through all the blogs I follow, so I don't know whether that shows up in stats?? Just maybe an answer to your wondering :)