Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February already ...

It's just a quick blog tonight, been a busy, busy day as it always is when we're all getting back into routine. I've been busy making a party dress for Saturday, the big day. Nearly finished, minor details left like the hem and a bit of embellishment, might be able to show it off tomorrow.

For now you'll have to make do with my two granny squares which means I have 7 squares for week 2 of the granny a day challenge. You could be mistaken for thinking this is a crochet blog now, but I like to embrace all kinds of creativity and crochet is in the spotlight at the moment. I'm hoping to do some drawing next week as I'm being taken on holiday for a birthday treat and will have time to relax and contemplate life at a slower pace. As ever I'm being creative in a myriad of ways - cooking, sewing, baking, fixing uniforms, blogging, making up stories for the kids - just as the rest of you do everyday. Aren't we a creative bunch! Let's not limit ourselves to thinking that only someone who is called an artist or craftsperson is a true creative soul - we all have that innate creative ability.

To celebrate creativity and because February is such a good month to turn 40 in, I'm going to challenge myself to use the word 'create' (or derivative thereof) in every post I write. Should keep the old brain ticking along ...

Manual countdown says: 4 days until my 40th birthday!

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