Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Birthday travels

As a birthday treat I was whisked away on holiday to New Zealand by my lovely husband the day after my party. He's such a star, he knows I'm scared of heights so he took me to the Sky Tower for dinner! Actually after I got over the shock of going skywards in a turbo lift with a glass floor, and the fact that the tower was swaying slightly I really did enjoy myself - it's not everyday you stand above the traffic and tall city buildings. It was fabulous and I embraced my creative side by taking lots of photos.

Standing 190 metres above Auckland - if you look carefully you can see a car on the road. These glass tiles are 3.8 cm thick and as strong as the concrete floors in the Sky Tower apparently. Believe you me I was gripping the handrail very firmly! It took some courage for me to stand on the glass floor ...

... here I am trying to look nonchalent about standing on a bit of glass - if you look closely you can make out my white knuckles

Just as we arrived at our table the sun was setting - don't think it was arranged in advance, but the timing was impeccable!

Back on terra firma - Sky Tower from the ground :)


Amanda said...

You look very brave!

Sally said...

Oh brilliant - sounds like your birthday was very special indeed. What a lovely adventure to share - and conquering fears too.