Monday, October 5, 2009

Walking the Zig-Zag

Beautiful windmill shaped flowers by Michael Alvares mark the start of the Zig-Zag walk

One of the bends in the Zig-Zag!

Another artwork encountered on our walk, I'm sorry to say I didn't take a note of the artist's name on the walk (should have done!), but the artwork is called 'Why?', asking us to think about our environment and endangered species.

Natural artwork - the fringe-lily - breath-taking

Yesterday mum and I walked the Zig-Zag with hundreds of other people, and what a beautiful springlike day to do it as you can tell from the photos. The walk happens on the first weekend in October every year, and as you walk down you encounter stalls with information about sustainable living, musicians, camels (really) and artworks amongst other things, as well as the amazing wildflowers which WA is renowned for. We felt quite uplifted and ready to take on anything when we passed the Scottish pipe band at the beginning of the walk - only 3km or 4km to go, depending on whether you believed the council website or the road sign at the top of the hill!

It was lovely indeed to bathe in the kinder springtime sunshine and it had a great community feel - almost like a mobile village fete! I felt quite impressed with myself for completing the walk in less than an hour and have decided to be more ambitious next year and walk back up the Zig-Zag after reaching the bottom of the hill. I must say there weren't many doing that yesterday, but well done to everyone who had the energy!

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