Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Great Quote ... and light and shade

I was going to share some pics of my 'scapegoat' doll that I started yesterday, but my husband has gone out with the camera and won't be back until late, so that will have to wait.

Anyway, when he's out I get the chance to watch my choice of DVD and tonight I watched a programme about discovering our shadow side, ooooh, very thought provoking! Well, there was a quote that I may have posted before, but it is just so beautiful I want to share it again, so here it is:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn't serve the world. There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We are born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us, it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” Marianne Williamson

Oooh, it gives me goosebumps to read it, I should have it printed on postcards and pasted to every wall of the house so that I can read it every day!!

Today was a lovely relaxing day - I went to the local rose gardens with my youngest, and we delighted in feeding the huge koi carp, who practically climb on top of each other to get the morsels of bread. Of course we had to visit the cafe for a milkshake - very yummy, I had a special rose thickshake and didn't feel too guilty as it's made with soy milk. Feeling quite virtuous I followed my youngest through the gardens and was lead to a beautiful rose trellis arch. I just love them! Today the sun was shining through the boughs, casting dapples of light and shade on the ground, we walked from end to the other and back again. Somehow I always feel closer to God when I do that - always have done since I was a little girl and had no conscious idea of spirituality. I've just always felt that there's more to life than we know and I feel it more in the presence of light and shade through the trees!! Maybe I shouldn't watch too many more thought provoking DVDs!! :) As we walked back to the car the air was suffused with the subtle aroma of summer roses - absolute bliss. These simple moments of pleasure are what makes life great aren't they? Go on out and be brilliant!

ps The DVD is called 'The Shadow Effect', with Debbie Ford in case you want to know! :)

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Amanda said...

I like that quote - we might all benefit from keeping it in mind. Lovely pair of big pants too!!

Glad you had a lovely time with your Mum here.