Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Getting ready for summer

A Tale of Two Seasons - winter warmer and summery skirts

Why, you may ask, have I taken a picture of my wardrobe? Well, today was a day for doing chores as the weather outside was unbelievably winter-like - heavy rain, trees swaying in the wind and very cold. Strange after a day like Sunday when we were all wilting in the heat! One of my chores has been to find out my summer clothes and put away my winter stuff (felt a bit premature doing that after today). Anyway, I love wearing my pouffy, tiered skirts in summer but up until today I've had to try and squeeze them into my chest of drawers - no more! I spent a small part of today choosing ribbons to sew into the waistband of the skirts so that I can hang them up in the wardrobe. Now I get to look at a kaleidoscope of summer colours every time I walk through my wardrobe and I just love the way the fabric 'flouffs' out as if each skirt is saying 'pick me, pick me!'.

The winter warmer mentioned above is the purple scarf I started knitting a couple of months ago - obviously too hot to wear these days, but it's so frilly and twirly I'm thinking of keeping it as a decoration, simply to look at and enjoy! I have a soft spot for the yarn I used as my gran used to knit matching cardigans for my sister and I in the multicoloured wool. Funny how we form our attachment to things isn't it? And how much pleasure these little things bring us! Here's to noticing the smaller things in life that bring us big smiles - may we all have time to notice them!

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