Saturday, October 3, 2009

Rocky paths and spring chickens ...

This photo was taken on a walk with mum to Lesmurdie Falls. The falls were gorgeous indeed with all the rain that has fallen at the beginning of spring. But ... being the intrepid explorers that we are we decided to walk to the bottom of the falls to get a different view (silly people!). We were a bit worried when the cascading water sound stopped as we walked the curvy path, but found the stream eventually at the bottom of a slope barricaded with netting and a scary warning sign that the path we'd just climbed down was structurally unsound. Ooops. Anyway, we found a different path up which we'd seen on the way down, but it looked rather too treacherous at the top. On the way up we scaled the slopes like two spring chickens (more like two old chooks! :) ) and arrived energized and only slightly puffed out at the top!! The flowers are gorgeous, and I was very impressed with how my little point and snap camera captured their image. I just love spring!

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