Monday, June 15, 2009

No Creativity Makes Lara a Sad Girl ...

It's been one of those frustrating rushing about everywhere, but not getting much done, type of days! I've ironed a few things, so the ironing mountain is slightly smaller, made a pie for dinner, but nothing crafty so far. I may find time to do a doodle in my art book later.

So, I am posting another image from the art therapy session I started to discuss in my last post. I like this image because it's very positive and very spiritual (the colour purple!) The sun is 'bouncy' and full of energy - wishful thinking perhaps? Although I had been talking about fear and painting images related to that, this image was the first I put onto the paper, representing me - and the associated feelings were calmness and strength. It made me realize that although I feel like I'm panicking uncontrollably about whatever it is I'm panicking about, I am actually calm and able to cope underneath it all. I just need to remember that!

Hopefully I will be able to get my paints out tomorrow and be a bit more creative - I hate it when I haven't been arty for a few days. It makes me feel stifled!

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