Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Finding peace amongst the trees

It's been a funny old day - I was going to write about something else tonight but am so very tired and want to do justice to the subject, so I'm going to leave it until tomorrow when I can write competently!

It's been another day of being outside my comfort zone. It's almost tax time here in Australia and we had to go and see the accountant about the family business. Needless to say, I got that old feeling in my head when it hurts and I just can't take in any more information for fear of spontaneous combustion, and I'd only been sitting there for 5 minutes. For a start we were talking about numbers, and if you put a dollar sign in front of them then I'm completely confuddled! Then to top it all I had to do some bookkeeping when I got home, so my head really hurts. No wonder I feel tired! It must have been a very taxing (ha, ha) day for me as I had to have 2 Magnum ice creams to help keep me sane. Oh dear ...

Anyway ... I decided I wanted to take a photo of something that makes me feel happy and at peace to post today. I found it when I went to our bedroom and looked out of the window overlooking the backyard (not our courtyard, this 'yard' is behind our house and after you leave the boundary of our house you are straight into the National Forest - it's truly beautiful). One of our friends joked that when they looked us up on Google Earth there are no neighbours behind our house until you get to Sydney. This place is just so vast it's mind boggling at times. Where was I? Oh yes, on looking out the window I saw the sunlight dancing on the branches of the trees and casting this gorgeous, golden glow. It's an effect you only see at certain times of the day and I managed to capture it. Photography is a very creative process; choosing a subject, framing the shot, capturing colour and atmosphere. I'm lucky enough to have a dad and some friends who are very good at doing just that, and are a constant inspiration to me. One day, I'll get a big camera and take really good photos too!

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