Thursday, June 25, 2009

Meet my guardian, Rhiannon

Well, here is Rhiannon at last. I finished her yesterday. My son's words on seeing her were "is she magic-ful?", which is lovely! She does represent for me a model of love and compassion, caring and spirituality. I'm especially proud of the cloak which I made myself by felting blue wool fibres - the blue colour is significant as it's the colour of truth and the intention for my medicine doll course is to find my voice. Inside the doll I've placed a piece of quartz, a piece of the red rock which our suburb is built on and a piece of pottery which looks like a heart to me. They were all found at the back of our house in the bush, and they symbolize the element earth and are very grounding.

It was an unusual creative process for me as with dolls I usually follow a pattern, and Rhiannon was made as I went along, more how I work when I'm creating my paintings. I did intend to make a little baby doll to be held in her arms as it's important that Rhiannon is seen as a mother figure, but when I put her cloak on I just had the thought, "She's finished", and she was perfect. I added the final touch of the blue glass heart she's holding in her right hand and knew my work was done. If you're a regular reader you'll remember that I posted a photo of the heart a few months ago, as I did a picture made up of the earthy elements I'd found behind our house.
It's lovely to have a guardian to watch over me whilst I make the other dolls from the course facilitated by Barb Kobe. I felt very calm and serene when I'd finished her, it's such a powerful experience to create a doll based on your feelings. You get to a point where the doll seems to tell you what to do. I really recommend the healing doll course if you are looking for a way to express your inner feelings and emotions, and to explore your inner resources.

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