Saturday, June 20, 2009

My creative list

Have been sitting here for a few minutes wondering what to write about. It's been a busy weekend, though doing what I couldn't really tell you! So have tried to look at it from a creative perspective and will make a list:

1. Creating a space in the laundry by finally finishing the ironing pile which has been there forever.

2. Wrote a few e-mails - creative writing.

3. Made more space for books in my bookcase by putting some of my older books in a box for charity to benefit somebody else in the future.

4. Created more of a yarn stash by undoing a sweater I made 12 years ago (!). Now have a lovely pile of green 4-ply to make new things with.

5. Created a yummy dinner in a very short time, as I'd forgotten to earlier in the day as I was so busy clearing clutter and the kids were really hungry. Ooops.

6. Made a lot of noise listening to Pink and then Powderfinger in the lounge whilst my hubby was on the phone to a friend. Sometimes you just have to listen to some good rock music at a loud volume and have a bit of a boogie whilst no-one's watching!

Hey, my day is already looking more interesting, and it just goes to show that creativity is at work wherever you may be or whatever you are doing during your day. What were your creative moments?

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