Monday, May 9, 2016

Everyday in May - day 10 - May musings

It seems that ageing is the topic of the moment within my circle of family and friends.  As the first anniversary of Dad passing away approaches the kids have been talking to me about it, trying to make sense of it and having a little cry, which inevitably sets me off!  But it's good to talk about Dad, and it's the first significant death that the kids have had experience of so we are all negotiating unknown territory together.  What broke my heart the other day though was HB telling me that she is ok with ageing, she's not scared of death but the thing that scares her most is that her mum and dad are getting older.  This was all mixed up with talk about Dad so it's been an emotional week!

Family and friends alike have been lamenting that they are getting older and basically falling apart!  Someone very dear to me was only today scared to admit they may finally need spectacles after having 20/20 vision for years.  As I've worn glasses since I was 25 I'm not so bothered about this - I'm the proud owner of multi-focal glasses and sunnies!  I can now see the world in 3D!  And if you think about it, how many 46 year old machines are still in good working order?!

It's all good really - the worst thing - which makes me laugh actually - is the way my joints in my knees and hips crack as I walk around, now that it's got colder.  The part that makes me laugh is the look on the kids faces when they hear the sound - they're not sure whether to be sick or give me sympathy :)

Anyway, I could burble on about this subject forever, and will most likely return to it at some point, but for now c'est finis!

Here's a little quote to finish with that's very apt, and was on my calendar for today - spooky hey?

"Ageing is annoying, but it is the only means that they have found to live long." - Charles Augustin Sainte-Beuve

Goodnight lovelies x

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