Sunday, May 15, 2016

Every day in May - 3 days in one!

Day 13

Did you know the WA Police Pipe Band are 50 years old?  Neither did I, but it was one of the facts I learned when they visited our number 3's school.  I adore bagpipe music, it sends a chill down my spine (in a good way).  It was good to see another side to the police - the leader was a Scotsman called Stuart, very fitting I thought and he had a great sense of humour - much to the childrens' delight he took great pleasure in ordering the teachers about :)

Day 14

Thrifting always without fail cheers me up.  Treasure this week included a cross-stitch kit, a sparkley top and some awesome orange silky fabric, all for the princely sum of $3.  For this I get to embroider a dragon, make a sequinned cushion for a fraction of the price of one I've seen in the shops and line a handbag or two.  Spot the item I didn't get at the thrift shop - a clue, it's not the sandstone!

Day 15

We're renovating the kitchen, so I had to say goodbye to my funky tiles :(  I took photos of each one -  sad I know - but now I can do all sorts of arty things with the images.  We did manage to save 2 whole tiles, which was amazing as the tile adhesive seemed to symbiotically join to the wall at a molecular level (no lie! sounds good too) so the majority smashed as they were being removed.  These are destined for mosaics.

Lots of fun had this weekend :)

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Chris said...

Love those tiles.