Monday, May 2, 2016

Every Day in May

This post was intended to be written and published yesterday (clue is in the title), but I was distracted by a monumental phone call back home to the UK.  It was so lovely just rabbiting away to my sis about stuff only we can rabbit on about that time changed form and I had no realization of the lateness of the hour!  So I went to bed instead of writing :)

What is this 'Every Day of May' all about then?  It was a brainwave of my husband's - a mindful and gentle way to get me through the month as I approach the anniversary of my Dad's death.  The aim is to notice something that brings me joy each day, and record it somehow.  I've decided to record that moment with the camera, which was Dad's favourite method of recording life's moments.

It seemed fitting to start with one of his very old cameras - a Kodak Brownie, which I found as I was clearing out my wardrobe for decluttering purposes.  I'd squirreled away a box of Dad's stuff that I brought back with me last year, and yesterday was the first time I looked through the contents properly, remembering when I'd first seen them, and what they meant to Dad.  It was very bittersweet for me, but very therapeutic I should imagine!

So, I took a pic of the vintage camera with my smartphone, and posted it straight to Instagram last evening.  I think I can say the first day of Every Day in May happened in the correct moment somewhere on the interwebs!

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