Sunday, May 8, 2016

Every Day in May - day 8

Happy Mother's Day to all mums everywhere!

I've had a lovely day not doing very much apart from crocheting a chair cover, eating croissants and homemade waffles and going for a bike ride with my number 3.  I'm trying to get practise in for a mini triathlon and he's practising for his school camp in June.  We were both awesome!

I was lucky today to have all 3 kidlets at home and they did some legitimate graffiti on a special mug for me today.  I can see quite a few cuppas being made in this :)

From a book HB bought me comes my new favourite quote: "Mums ~ tea powered.  Cars need petrol - mothers need tea"    Stuart & Linda Macfarlane.

Never a truer word said.

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