Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Birthday bubbles and Bakewells

Birthday Bakewells and bubbly
This should have been posted yesterday on the big day itself, but I couldn't find my card reader - I'd actually put it in a really sensible place, which completely threw me :)

It was my hubby's birthday, and how he wanted to celebrate was by having a picnic on the big rock at the back of our house.  Only a short walk away so we could drink the bubbly and still get home!  Presents for the man who has everything came from the English lolly shop in the village, a little taste of home.  Plus Bakewell Tarts which are favourites ...

And how beautiful a place to enjoy a glass of bubbly, surrounded by our kids who soon will not want to be doing family outings as they approach 'that' age.  Another pleasant memory to savour in the future.  A lovely day had by all. xx

Grass trees as far as the eye can see :)

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Perfect x