Saturday, April 21, 2012

Another doll body part .... mwa ha ha ...

Oh my word!  What has happened to Blogger!? That will teach me to stay away for several days - I didn't even know this was going to happen! ...  Oh well, I'm sure even technophobic old me will get used to this change after a bit of practise :)  (oops - silly me - on checking the post on my blog I see that no change is apparent, but let me tell you the editor is all changed!  Promise ...)

'I want to touch' ... unintentional spooky lighting adds to the macarbre effect don't you think?
I've made yet another body part for my muse doll - the lower arm ... the fingers were a little challenging, but they look pretty good I think.  Lots of poking in little pieces of toy stuffing with my very pointy tiny scissors; and a necessity for stuffing toys I have now found is to own a pair of hemostats, which you can buy online.  They are fab for holding stuffing, stuffing stuffing into the opening and poking it into small places.  I wouldn't be without them now.  My doll now has one arm and one leg ... suppose I better get on with the rest of her, it's rather Frankenstein-like to journal her being put together in this way isn't it?

I know I owe a post about the creative direction I want to take - I'm still thinking that one through, so it might be a few more days.  I like to take my time about everything don't I?!!

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