Monday, April 9, 2012

hmmm-ing and ah-ing ...

Which road do I follow?
I've been annoying myself with not knowing what to do with myself these past few days, hence not much blogging!  But I have been visiting a few more blogs, which I haven't done for a while and enjoyed seeing other's creativity and lovely images.  I'm thinking it might be time for an overhaul of my blog, but I'm not sure in what way yet :)

It's also been a time for re-thinking the direction my creativity is going in, but that's a whole other blogpost!  I'm contemplating whether I should follow the real passion of mine (the medium I'm creative in I mean) or continue exploring another interest of mine, which I'm not so technically good at but which I enjoy.  It's all come from a conversation I had with another creative friend of mine who was bemoaning the fact she's flitting all over the place rather than following one particular interest.  The mood I've been in it got me thinking too!

Still, any time spent thinking about and reflecting on creativity is time well spent.

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Gypsy said...

Hello, I'm new here. :-) A comment and lots of questions... First up the comment- I get the Hmmm-ing and ah-ing and talking to friends a lot of them seem to feel the same way at the moment. I wondered if many of us had got to our tipping point and that all the goodness on the internet has just become weighty information overload now and not uplifting inspiration.
Questions... Did you end up doing the Book of Days? it looks amazing! Do you do custom orders for stuff... I like the bag in your made it store- but the pattern is not quite me- not sure what would be though. I also really love the cork knights- super cool! Do you think they would work- upsized to toilet roll size?
Finally I wondered if you read these two blogs both of which I think you may enjoy:
Finally I think I may live over the hill from you as I recognise the Cider house you mentioned in a post... where is the (farmers) market you attend?
Best, Gypsy