Sunday, August 2, 2009

Symbols and springtime ...

Yes, I know I've used these flowers before - but it's been a wonderful springlike weekend and one morning the sun was shining through the window of my crafty corner and lighting up the flowers spectacularly. They looked gorgeous so I had to share.

I'm writing earlier than usual as I'm feeling pretty tired - most of the family has succumbed to a nasty cold and I'm hoping I don't, but that dull ache in the front of my head is not a good sign!

Creatively I've been carrying on with my hexagon quilt, knitting a few more rows of my purple wavy scarf and finding out some more crochet techniques and patterns to continue with my scrumbling. On Friday I found another ball of yarn in the supermarket of all places - it was pushed to the back of a shelf all on its own and you know what - I felt bad for it (sad, I know) so added it to my trolley. It's a lovely shade of yellow that luckily mixes well with the other colours of yarn I chose on Thursday, plus it was only $3 so I don't feel too guilty! (It was obviously meant to be ...) Next I want to experiment with some more motifs to add to my scrumbling -for now I've left the lovely scrumbled 'artwork' on my coffee table so I can enjoy looking at it!

I want to get more creative with my blog too. I'm going to change the template to a simple one and add a banner of my artwork along the top - only thing is, I don't know how to do that! Can anyone help? I really, really like circles, but at the moment I feel like all I'm doing is going around in circles and my blog symbolizes that with it's dotty background, and quite frankly it's a little off-putting. It's funny how symbols speak to you in different ways isn't it?

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