Sunday, August 16, 2009

Daffodils and birthday wishes

Here are the results of our foraging at the local Farmers' Market today. We had some lovely organic bread too, but we ate that as soon as we got home so couldn't show you that! The daffodils were barely open when we bought them, and have opened even more since I took the photo. Tomorrow they will hopefully have opened up to their full glory so I may take another pic to post. I have decided that I simply love flowers in general - I'm always saying 'oh, sunflowers are my favourite', then it will be dahlias, pansies, daffodils, and so on. So they can all be my favourite, life would not be as colourful without them.

The little squares on the plate are extremely yummy fudge - in fact it's quite amazing that there was any left to photograph, I've been having to fight the children off all day.

I've noticed lately that as I've got more stressed about life in general (about things I don't need to talk about here) my creativity has changed. I'm not so into making totally original works of art and am happier to follow a pattern, it's already structured and requires less thinking about I guess. At the moment my creative pursuits of choice are knitting and crochet. I find it so meditative to sit and let the stitches fall off the hook or needles to form a fabric. Especially as the projects I am choosing at the moment are quick to achieve, and my creative urge is satisfied almost immediately! Lots of scarves and gloves being made at the moment, so everyone knows what they are getting for Christmas ...

However, subconsciously creativity seems to be flowing. I woke yesterday with the storyline for a book, characters, names, plot and message all there in my head as soon as I opened my eyes. Deciding to go with it, I hurried to the office and put everything down on paper, printed it out and have put it in my ideas folder in case I decide to follow it through. I think I'm a bit hesitant to rush in because I don't usually write creatively (except for my blog), and maybe this was just my mind playing tricks on me. At least it was a piece of original creativity, formed without me having to think about it too much, so I will keep my piece of paper and see if it keeps calling to me.

Today is my dad's birthday. It feels strange to know he's out for a walk on the beach with my sister and I'm not there sharing in his celebrations. It's times like these that I really miss being back with the family. But the lovely thing is that we will never stop being father and daughter, and I can still wish him lots of love on his special day! We're drinking a glass of red in your honour dad - have a very happy birthday! :)

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