Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Calling my inner wizard - where are you?

Daffodils fully opened and looking gorgeous!

My first piece of original art for a while! Don't ask what was going through my mind whilst I was creating it, I just know it was very calming and time passed very quickly. I have a love/hate relationship with soft pastels, the sound of them on the paper and the dust on my hands is rather irritating, but I love the effects you get when you smudge the pastels on the paper. It's very soft and comforting in some way.

Today I went to finish off my bookkeeping data entry and found to my dismay that I've been entering the data for the past month into the wrong file! Our bookkeeper is going to see if she can save the day and import all the data from one file to another. If she can't I'll have to input the whole lot again (and you know how much I love doing that!) So I used the time to do some more patchwork, which I enjoyed immensely.

I get lots of creative e-zines arriving in my e-mail inbox, and probably spend too much time trying to read them all. The one I was catching up with today was quite good though, the author was talking about our inner critic and it's antithesis* the inner wizard. Apparently it's our inner wizard who gets us fired up again and silences the inner critic to allow us to move forward towards our goals. If you visit here, you can do a short test to see how much you are tapping into your inner wizard. The test asks questions about different areas of your life. My overall score was quite appalling - I only scored one out of ten for the financial questions. Oops. Think my inner wizard has found a cosy corner and fallen asleep somewhere!

*I don't know if this is exactly the right word for this context, but it sounded good so I've kept it in!

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