Saturday, August 8, 2009

Orange is for creativity

Today I attended the second of the chakra workshops being held at Creative Seeds - the colours we looked at were orange and blue. I learned that amongst other things orange is the colour of creativity, and if you are not comfortable with change in your life you need more orange! Anyway, we did some artworks based on the two colours, which I won't share yet as they were quite personal and I think the messages were just for me! But as I was looking out of the window this evening I saw the sky had turned the most magnificent orange colour. I took the pictures from my room, over our rooftop as I knew by the time I'd found the 'perfect' spot, the colours would have faded. When it's nature putting on a show, you have to be quick! And maybe this was the perfect spot ... It's great when art and nature work together to make you take notice.

Aren't the colours wonderful? I remember watching a program about colour and how we perceive it and one scientist had a theory that the world is black and white and that the colour we see is simply a trick of the light. I'm sorry but I can't accept that the world is just shades of grey. Colour is amazing - it doesn't need to be explained away, but should be enjoyed!

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