Saturday, August 24, 2013

Small things make me happy!

Yesterday I wondered around in the forest with my dog Charlie, it was a lovely spring like day, and I really enjoyed feeling the gentle warmth of the sun on my neck and back.  It was really dreamy :) 

To add to the joy we were fossicking about near the reserve for bits and pieces left from the days it used to be a rubbish dump; I don't know who was happier - myself or the dog, we both enjoyed sniffing around.  An artist I'd happened to meet walking her dog in the forest put me onto the site as a potential hunting ground for found objects.  I stumbled upon this piece of metal, it may not look like much but it caught my eye and I know I'll be able to use it in an artwork somehow!

Today we had an impromptu barbie with our lovely friend from across the road.  We told her she didn't have to bring anything, but she arrived with this beautiful bright and breezy mini bouquet from her garden.  Purple and red, currently my favourite colour combination!  I had intended to take the pic in the lovely sunny afternoon, however it was dusk when I took the camera outside and you can see the daisies closing up and going to sleep.  That still makes me smile even as an adult :)

So those are my happy thoughts ...

Oh and I rowed for 5 minutes and covered 700 m this morning (and nearly passed out with the effort!  Note to self; best to recover from a cold before getting too physical!)  I'll tell you what it's all in aid of next time I post - promise!

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