Sunday, August 25, 2013

Escape from Muddle-Earth

Well, it certainly looks like Muddle Earth outside at the moment.  When I went outside to put the rabbit away for bed it looked all eerie and mysteriously misty - after a couple of spring days it's been raining again, but let's be honest we do need it and we'll be complaining again in summer about how dry it is.

But ... seriously ... 'Escape from Muddle-Earth' is the name of our team which has entered in the 'Run-A-Muck' event on September 22nd.  It's to raise funds for the WA Multiple Sclerosis Society and basically entails having to walk/run 5km of obstacle course through mud in the beautiful surrounds of Belvoir homestead in the Swan Valley.  So far only 4 of us school mums have officially entered, either we are especially charity minded or completely mad.  A little of both I suspect :)  Anyway, if any of you kind souls reading this feel led to donate a little something towards this worthy cause, please visit our team page by following this link.

Official logo from site - cool hey?  Wonder if I can make a button for my sidebar?
Watch this space ...
That also solves the mystery of the rowing - I hasten to add I'm rowing on a machine in our front room, not a boat on real water, (I don't do boats if I can help it) and it's all part of the training for the above event.  We do train at weekends too, but I've been up and down with that - literally - as I've been experiencing pain in my knees that have complained bitterly when I've tried exerting myself!  Anyhoo, a little scare later about the onset of osteo-arthritis and I've found that rowing is actually relatively pain free and I hate to admit, very enjoyable.  So, it's my exercise of choice at the moment, and I run around the school oval on a Saturday morning instead with the other mums, and thus still feel very virtuous that I'm moving rather than remaining a couch potato :)

Here's the official spiel from the event website:

"Run A Muck will be held in the Swan Valley in Perth, on 22nd September 2013, at the picturesque Belvoir Estate. Competitors will be ‘at one with nature’ while fighting their way through muddy, dirty obstacles. We are all about fun, family, not taking yourself too seriously, having a laugh, getting fit, dirty and doing things you haven’t done since primary school, all while raising money for the MS society.

There are twenty obstacles in total, with a distance of 5km across the whole course. There is no time limit on the course, enabling people of all ages and abilities to complete it at their own pace. This race is about enjoyment and having fun rather than breaking any land speed records!"

I love the 'at one with nature' part - it means we are going to get seriously muddy.  There are some good pics on the site if you want a closer look.  I'm beginning to get nervous ...

Rowing today: zero - Sunday is my rest day!

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