Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My kind of day

Yesterday and today have been spent hand sewing embellishments as well as trying to complete some upcycling projects from two books I borrowed from the library.  I've reached the maximum number of renewals so I'm aiming to finish my projects by Friday :)  Hopefully I'll have plenty to show and tell by the end of the week.

Flower on the left made from 'Recycled Chic' by Amanda McKitterick and the flower on the right from 'Custom Couture' by Helene le Berre
I've been perched in a little space all of my own - small but light, carpeted, comfy.  Our house is quirky and has three levels, with only 3 steps up to each level.  This precious space of mine is between our bedroom and the lounge.  It's lovely and light as there are gable end windows in the roof, I frequently take photos of completed projects up here. 

I love gathers ... great for making pretty flowers
Today I've also been shirring an old shirt into shape and practising blind hemming for a new job I start tomorrow.  I've got a job doing alterations once a week, so I get to make clothes wearable for their owners, alter pretty bridesmaids dresses for their big day and sit amongst lots of buttons and haberdashery.  I will be in heaven :)  My new boss is also a craft addict and at my interview we talked and talked about quilting, patchwork and painting.  It's my kind of job, I can't wait! 

Rowing today: 5 mins = 730 m

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Sally said...

Congratulations on the new job. Sounds wonderful. YAY for you!!!