Friday, August 23, 2013

I only went in for one thing ...

We were bought a lovely gift the other day, a pot of honey from local bees, sold to us by an elderly couple who have been gathering and selling the nectar for 60 years.  This particular one is Red Gum honey and it's absolutely delicious, don't think the pot will last long.  Little Man has had trouble dribbling it onto his toast, he's tried twizzling the spoon but ended up saying 'mum, how do I make it stop!?' as he made a lovely sticky trail across the kitchen counter. 

So, to help a lad in need I went into First Avenue to buy this ...

... a simple yet aesthetically pleasing honey scoop

... and discovered to my extreme delight that they now stock T2 tea, so a box of that came home with me too.

Look at the beautiful sunny glow surrounding it - it's an almost ethereal, other-worldly feel, befitting the magical qualities of this beverage (I really love tea, okay?)

I also found this card:

and this one ... well, who could resist her beguiling face?

So much for a simple shop!  I don't think there's any such thing!

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