Thursday, February 7, 2013

My post-birthday post

Hi!  It was my birthday yesterday so I was busy being spoiled by friends and family and had no time to blog.  Isn't that great!  :)

I had some lovely pressies from friends ...

Purple things!  a hippy mug, muscat wine, handmade soap made by a friend (delish and minty!), rose quartz and a beautiful handmade book in a pretty silk bag - I was like a big kid, more thrilled with the containers than the pressies almost!  (Note the matching mug and tin!)
A stunning looking plant from my hubby and the kids ... I consider my plants as pets that need lots of love and care ...

Red and green should always be seen
My new plate - for mum's use only ... with a yummy cookie made by me using a recipe from my birthday buddy in the UK - we have a tradition where my buddy finds a choccie recipe and we both make it and we both celebrate :)

These cookies are a delight for the senses ... they smell great and taste even better ... YUM!
And I just had to show my lovely felted robin (the robin is my favourite bird in the whole world!) made by my oldest friend ... in that we've known each other for aeons, rather than age-wise ... we've been friends since the age of 6 ... isn't he gorgeous.  And looking very at home with my pc screensaver snowman, which I am keeping whilst the hot weather is here to help me feel a little chilled ... I know, desperate aren't I ... I'll do anything to keep cool ... roll on winter ...

But by far my greatest pressies were Little Man coming into my room at 6 am to say happy birthday, before snuggling in beside me and falling asleep; and a dinner at our local restaurant with my lovely hubby and kids - great company and for dessert we bought a gelato and sat on a bench by the road to eat them before driving home.  A truly happy birthday day!

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