Monday, February 25, 2013

Golden memories on the Gold Coast

Hello everyone!  I've been away on a short holiday to the Gold Coast, fun with my family for a couple of days then hanging around in a hotel whilst my hubby went to his business conference.  Still it's amazing the amount of fun you can have with a small child who thinks it's heaven to be with mum 24/7, watching movies, eating and playing games.  Lots of snuggles too and bedtime reading.  These are the things memories are made of.  Now I'm going to enthrall you with my holiday snaps :)

 Our favourite family times were spent on the beach ...

collecting shells ...

and taking in the views (whilst giving thanks that we live near a beautiful forest)


Of course we had to take in a theme park, and Sea World won ... watching the dolphins always makes me shed a tear or two, but shhhhh .... don't tell anyone!

Being pushed along by a dolphin - this trick made Little Man declare he wants to work at Sea World when he's grown up

How do you find your car in the car park?  Look for the one with the seagull sitting on top!

Explaining symmetry with the help of pink lemonade (we were given heaps of homework and had to make it interesting somehow!)

We also visited Ripley's Museum and Odditorium and my favourite exhibit was this Pollutacuda which appealed to my steampunk aesthetics and environmental ideals ...

... and we all know that this walkway is not moving, but this knowledge was not enough to stop us staggering all over the place!  The photo looks even weirder than the real thing ...

And this picture sums up what we love about the Gold Coast - it's watery, colourful and exotic!

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Chris said...

What a lovely break, boo to the homework though! Welcome back, we've missed you!