Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I've been working on my little ebook of creativity today, finding time to bake a chocolate cake which never lasts long in this house -

Amongst my work I managed to fit in a YouTube video interview with Kaffe Fassett, about whom I've waxed lyrical before - mentioning his lovely autobiography Dreaming in Colour.  The interview is about 35 minutes long and gives a good insight into what Kaffe loves about colour and knitting.  Plus you get a peek into his workoom.  There is something that really warms my heart when I see a man knitting, I don't quite know what it is but it makes me smile on the inside too :)  Imagine how chuffed I was when Little Man asked me to teach him to knit the other day - I'd already bought him his own pair of needles as he'd mentioned the desire before, and now we are working on a kingfisher blue scarf for his cat.  I'm quite impressed that he has kept the correct amount of stitches on the needles since the cast on - he loves the whole process and is intrigued by the way the stitches interlock and the scarf grows.  It's great to see one of my favourite crafts through a newcomer's eyes - sometimes you can get a bit blase about it all ...

One of the favourite parts of the interview was when Kaffe was talking about men and their egos - he admitted to being so proud of having knitted a jumper he had to go and show it to someone (in this case the 'someone' being Vogue magazine!) and he reckons men are like this about everything - if they cook a meal they have to photograph it and celebrate it, whilst women just get on with it.  (Did I say I love him even more now?)  It made me smile as I remembered the day Duncan made a cauliflower cheese dinner - and it was absolutely delicious - the camera came out and photos were proudly displayed on Facebook.

My recommendation; make a lovely cup of tea, lock yourself away and watch the video.  Look at it as time out for self-care :)

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