Sunday, November 6, 2011

You know when you have an idea you've been playing around with, you get all excited, then you tell your friends, then they don't react in the way you expected and you start to doubt your idea?  Well, that happened to me this weekend.  So now I'm doubting my idea, which I really liked before chatting with my friends - I just wish sometimes I could make a decision and stick to it!  Do you think sometimes it's better not to share?

Now I need to get my vision clear in my head again, and find a balance between anxiety about moving forward with the desire for something better as seen in my vision.  OK - self-coaching session over!  Always follow your dreams folks, and if it's your intuition calling the shots - it's probably right!

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NIXNAX said...

I feel like i am on the same journey as you. Thanks for sharing.