Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dos de los muertos

Frida Kahlo

Today is the second day of the Mexican festival 'Dos de los muertos' - Day of the Dead.  Rather than being as spooky as it sounds, it's actually a time to remember those who have passed on - children on the first day, and adults on the second.  Skulls are a prominent symbol and symbolize both death and life - the Mexicans celebrate by making fantastically colourful shrines and special foods.  You can find out loads about it if you Google it.

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican artist who used the symbology of skulls and skeletons in her work.  She was an amazing woman and her work is thought-provoking and sometimes brutal, but for me very inspiring too.  So I remember her today, and my grandparents - and also the lovely people who are still with me and bless my life.

Thinking about Death (1943)

Frida's artwork is available to be viewed at sites such as this one and I found the photo of Frida on the Library of Congress website, which looks like a huge resource for all sorts of images.   And click here for what looks to be another good site for art research (it's where I found the self-portrait).  Places to start your research if you so wish!

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