Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Creative Space: hexies, squares and blankies

Here's my little offering for today - some more of my teeny tiny granny squares for the random multicoloured afghan I hope to make one day :)  I love these for summer crochet - no huge, heavy pieces of warm knitting sitting on my lap!  Another perfect project for summer small pieces is the hexipuff - discovered these during Blogtoberfest - little hexagons you knit in the round, then stuff with a little wadding before binding off!  (It's a project called the 'Beekeeper's Quilt')  I haven't stuffed any yet as I'm not sure I'll ever need anything that warm in Oz, but when I looked at Tiny Owl's site just to check out the finished item once again, for inspiration - it's gorgeous - I was tempted to fill a few as they are so perfectly squishy and squashy.  Might make good ornaments for the Christmas tree?

When the kids asked what I was going to do with all these hexipuffs and squares, I answered 'make blankets' and they rolled their eyes with a 'not more blankets' kind of look.  Well, I might as well admit it now - I am a blankie addict - I can't help myself.   They are so comfy and nuturing.  And I think imagining what the finished article will look and feel like is part of the fun.

See what other craft addicts are up to at Our Creative Spaces.  xx


Out Of This World said...

Hi Larissa, these are just sooooo cute. I'm realy tempted to start another project! Thanks for stopping by my blog, JAcqui

Sally said...

Great project. Loving your tiny bits (of happiness) that you've created so far. Delightful.